Leaping Into Digital Transformation? Hang On Just a Minute


Everybody is talking about #DigitalTransformation & the need to accelerate those pre-COVID plans. Will that get your business #OnTrack for the ‘new normal?’

Is digital transformation the same as technology-driven transformation? Is it the same as IT modernization? What about business transformation? Or customer-driven transformation? The what-to-do-now imperatives can be baffling.

There’s clearly a pressing need to transact differently in a pandemic-riddled world. You have to meet customers where they are now: at home; curbside; 6-feet away & masked; on Zoom, on Twitter.

Getting from yesterday’s model to today’s means speeding up old omni-channel strategies, for sure. While you’re at it, shift as much as possible to #TheCloud. As a technologist, I’m all for it. As a #CCO, I am as well. But let’s take a beat. Then proceed as follows:

Step 1: Develop your new #CustomerStrategy. Examine & define a fresh approach for customer acquisition, #retention, #effort, #engagement, adoption, #value, and #BrandAdvocacy.

Step 2: Digitize like crazy (in the cloud)—in service of your Customer Strategy objectives.

Whether you’re in the public sector or you run a business, the process is the same.

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Under the best of circumstances, I’m a bit of a grinch but this has been an undeniably brutal year for humans and Earth. That said, there are things I feel good about as we slide into the last days of 2021. My family is healthy, business has been great, and I have encountered remarkable leaders and innovation that are truly furthering the state of CX. Yes, CX is that important. It affects everyone of us as consumers, patients, students, caregivers, citizens, professionals, customers, parents, and friends.

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